Practical work for 9th-10th

Practical work class 9th-10th-video-teaching-course

Practical work class 9th-10th-video-teaching-course

Learn Practical work class 9th-10th with a guarantee in your home and in your own language, don’t worry about not Practical work class 9th-10th training.

Now, thanks to our video training courses, you can easily learn Practical work class 9th-10th to sit at home.

Each course consists of more than fifty video tutorials in your own language.

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Practical 2 class 9th 10th program menu

Practical 3 class 9th 10th set task bar options

Practical 4 class 9th 10th set date time and switch between programs

Practical 5 class 9th 10th Create new folder desktop and in window

Practical 6 class 9th 10th copy a file on desktop and move file on desktop

Practical 7 class 9th 10th Delete a file or icon or folder on desktop

Practical 8 class 9th 10th Arrange Icons on desktop

Practical 9 class 9th 10th Access the Document menu and clear contents

Practical work 10 class 9th 10th Search fils or folder on your computer

Practical work 11 class 9th 10th get help in windows operating system

Practical work 12 class 9th 10th use the run option to run the programs

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