VBScript Video Tutorial

Free VBScript Video Teaching course

Free VBScript Video Teaching course

Learn VBScript with a guarantee in your home and in your own language, don’t worry about not VBScript training.

Now, thanks to our video training courses, you can easily learn VBScript to sit at home.

Each course consists of more than fifty video tutorials in your own language.

After watching the video training courses. Go to the online test

Free online exam for three-month certification

and go through the test, after passing the exam, receive our certificate.

VBScript Language Introduction Lesson 1

VBScript first programm Lesson 1 2

VBScript variable Lesson 1 3

VBScript variable memory Lesson 1 4

VBScript variable and math Lesson 1 5

VBScript conditional expression Lesson 2 1

VBScript logical operators and Lesson 2 2

VBScript logical operators or Lesson 2 3

VBScript logical operators not Lesson 2 4

VBScript if then decision lesson 3 1

VBScript if then else decision lesson 3 2

VBScript if then elseif lesson 3 3

VBScript nested if decision lesson 3 4

VBScript select case lesson 3 5

VBScript for next loop lesson 4 1

VBScript for next loop steps lesson 4 2

VBScript do loop lesson 4 3

VBScript do loop example lesson 4 4

VBScript while wend loop lesson 4 5

VBScript procedures function Lesson 5 1

VBScript strings trim ltrim rtrim Lesson 6 2

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